Freshwater and Saltwater Microfishing in Japan

by Ben Cantrell

I’m writing this post 6 years after the fact. I’ve been microfishing pretty seriously for several years now, and I’d like to write this post to celebrate my first introduction to microfishing, which in hindsight was an incredible way to be introduced to the sport obsession.

In 2008 I visited Japan for the third time, but it was the first time travelling there since I became interested in fishing, especially fishing for new species. My lifelist was only in the low teens, but I was determined to add to it! I didn’t do any research before the trip, so I had to depend on my Japanese friends and advice from the owner of the tackle shop we stopped in. The shop owner set us up with gear that was new to me – extremely long flexible rods, incredibly small hooks, incredibly small floats, and an assortment of artificial and live bait options. We packed up the car and headed up into the mountains near the city of Okayama. We found a good spot to park the car next to the creek flowing adjacent to the road. The scenery was great.


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Thinking Outside the Tackle Box for Micro Fishing

by Levi Cain

Since most fishing tackle available within the United States is geared towards larger species, I continuously keep an open mind when looking for a new addition to my arsenal of micro fishing tackle. For a while now, I have been in search of a tackle box capable of carrying all my micro fishing equipment together while still maintaining good organizational factors. So after multiple trips to the various tackle stores in my area, trying out various styles of tackle boxes, I finally found a tackle box that has all the features and capabilities I have been in search of. I found this gear in the last place most people would think to look, a craft and hobby store known as Hobby Lobby.

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Using Wax Worms to Catch Micros (Video)

Video of Miciah micro fishing Government Ditch near Peru, Indiana with wax worms.  Species of micro fish caught include: bluntnose minnow, striped shiner, and creek chub.  It was difficult to find clear streams for micro fishing during this trip because of recent heavy rain.  Government Ditch, unlike other small creek in the area, drained a very small region and clears up quickly after rain.  Also, this stream originates in an air force base and therefore contains less sediment run-off from agricultural lands such as corn and soybeans that do little to prevent washing.

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Micro Fishing North Carolina: From the Coast to the Appalachians

by Levi Cain

Over the last year I have had multiple opportunities to fish the various geographical regions of North Carolina from the coastal Tidewater region of Holden Beach, to the Tar River, Cape Fear River and Rhodes Pond in the Inner Coastal Plain. I’ve even fished the Lower Little River along with a few feeder creeks in the Sandhills. But it wasn’t until early to mid April that I was finally able to fish the Appalachian Mountains of western North Carolina, Tennessee and northern Georgia. Although I must admit I have fished the Conasauga River in northern Georgia once before.

When fishing the Atlantic near Holden Beach, I targeted the salt marshes, focusing on the vegetation as the tide was rising. My rod of choice was a 13′ crappie rod with about 9′ of 10 lb mono and 2-3′ of 8x tippet. There was a slight wind present so I used a size 6 micro shot, attached about 4” above a Tanago hook baited with a small chunk of worm. I tried to focus most of my attention along the edges of the grass or small gaps in vegetation with sandy bottoms that were no more than 3′ deep. The area was teeming with one particular species. And nearly every cast was a fish-on.

Unknown Saltwater 2

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Micro Fishing New Zealand

by Tony Stevens

Have you heard the word.  The word is “MICRO”: fishing that is, the western world asked what the heck is this? Micro fishing for most was a technique of spin fishing with ultra light gear however true micro fishing is Asian in origin and is epitomised in the annals of historical Japanese angling. As one would expect from such as Bonsai, the miniaturisation of trees and shrubs and many other organic species is a highly specialised product of Japanese culture. Some species of Japan’s fish are the very, very small fish called in the west Bitterling, in Japanese Tenago. Highly specialised tackle has been developed over the years to catch such tiny fish, now a cult has arisen which demands the catching of a fish of 25mm or  less using rod, line and hook. In Japan dedicated bass anglers have abandoned their bait casting or spinning gear and adopted very traditional bamboo rods to follow their traditions catching small fish.

Tenago fishing is really urban fishing in a densely populated country where the chances for angling are very limited and usually in much modified waters. Rods are from 2 ft to monsters of 15ft but all use micro fine line of 2lb or less floats the size of a single peanut and hooks less than size 18, (for me in what some call declining years an 18# or 20# hook is just about invisible) to go out and catch fish and enjoy this back to nature experience.

Kowai river below Red Peak

A new Zealand alpine stream, home to fast water micro species

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